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You've made your mark with your business. Ready to do the same online?

Your business has grown and so have your needs for running it and promoting it. Whether you want to expand your customer base or launch a web store, Netfirms Business Plan can help you with a collection of professional-level hosting tools.

Build your own website in just minutes with our Drag and Drop Site Builder. It offers you a wide range of professional site design templates to use for your website. You simply click to select a style that suits you best. So regardless of your web experience you'll have a great looking site in no time.
Get a professional look that suits your industry with Ready-to-go Websites™. Over the years, we've developed enough sites to know what works well and what doesn't - across hundreds of businesses. Our ready-to-go, industry-specific templates help ensure you project a professional image and include key content on your site. And, of course, they are flexible enough for you to customize them to suit your specific needs.
Engage in e-commerce with ShopSite. Build, edit and maintain your own web store, even without any programming skills. This easy-to-use online store management system gives your customers a secure way to buy from your company. You can offer just one item or have thousands of products for customers to drop in their virtual shopping carts. And you can make their shopping experience even easier by accepting multiple payment methods, including PayPal.
Install the software you need with just one click through Simple Scripts. Your Netfirms hosting plan gives you access to the most popular open-source software - at no extra charge. From content management and photo gallery software to e-commerce management, you can enhance your site quickly and easily. One-click applications are seamlessly integrated onto our servers so that you can do what you want in minutes, leaving you more time to focus on your business.
Rely on expert customer support 24/7. Should you find you still need a little extra help, our Customer Support team is available any time of the day or night. Our highly trained and certified staff want your site to work as well as you do.
Host unlimited websites on one account. Manage all of your websites, each with their own domain name and separate email accounts, easily on one single account. It's convenient - saving you time and money - and just makes good business sense. You can also create matching email addresses for each domain.
EXCLUSIVE! Stay up and running even during traffic spikes with Netfirms Clustered Hosting Technology. Experience fewer disruptions and handle sudden spikes in traffic to your site with ease. By utilizing the power of multiple servers, requests can be redirected or more servers added when needed. Often viewed as a premium for large e-businesses, Netfirms Clustered Hosting is a standard feature in all of our hosting plans.
Communicate professionally with your customers using Business Email. Gain instant credibility and get your website name out there with an email address that uses it. You can access and send messages using your favorite email client software or via any Internet browser using Netfirms WebMail, as well as access calendars and address books. It's even mobile ready for your BlackBerry smartphone, iPhone or Android smartphone.
Optimize your site's search results and more with Google® Webmaster Tools. In just a few clicks you can make your website more Google®-friendly. Learn how small modifications to your site can impact your users' experience and potentially improve your performance in organic search results.
Drive traffic to your website with online advertising. No matter what your budget is or how little time you have, you can reach new customers and grow your business using Google AdWords. See results and gain new customers in minutes! To help you get started, Netfirms web hosting plans include a $100 bonus -- when you spend $25 on Google AdWords, you'll get $100 in additional advertising.
Microsoft Advertising Search Credit Extend your reach by promoting with Microsoft Advertising online. With Microsoft Advertising, you can reach searchers on Bing, Yahoo and partner sites. Gain a valuable audience to help you get more clicks and more sales. You can easily import your Google campaigns directly into Microsoft Advertising and target your ads to different regions, times, days and demographics. Signing up is free. Get started with $100 in free advertising.